Romantic proposal surrounded by sloths

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This guy got down on one knee at the Promised Land Zoo in Branson, Missouri, completely surrounded by sloths.

The video shows Michael asking Ashley if she’ll marry him while she holds one of the animals on her lap and others swings overhead.”Are you serious?” Ashley asked incredulously as the sloth she is holding slowly moves.Of course the answer is a resounding yes!As Michael goes to seal the deal with a ring, a cheeky sloth overhead tries to steal his hat – really lightening the mood…This sloth wanted in on the action. Photo: Newsflare/ScreenshotRELATED: Man spends an entire year planning the most romantic proposal for his girlfriendRELATED: Adorable sloth attempts slow-motion break-in”We’ve been visiting her family’s zoo since we’ve been together (10 years-and it’s always been a very special place for us,” Michael later wrote online.”Every time we go there the sloths have always been her absolute favourite animal to see.””I wanted something unique that she would never forget and this was the perfect setting,” he continued.Michael isn’t the first person who thought that sloths would make a romantic proposal…


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