Travel agent suggests trips for modest budgets

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Some people like the winter and others like the summer, but almost everyone enjoys a summer vacation.For many who choose to leave the country, a cruise ship is an economical way out. With ample opportunities to explore unique places and countries, a cruise might be good for someone who wants to visit several locations, rather than just one.”As opposed to buying a flight to one place and staying there the whole time, they get to stop at different places,” said Jeanette Rushing, travel agent at Jimmy Houston Travel. “A lot of people like the Caribbean cruises, the Bahamas, Jamaica – places like that.”
As the summer heat arrives, many area residents will be grabbing swim suits and hitting the beach. U.S. beaches are far from few, but some might want to check out the sand outside of the U.S. Rushing said one of her favorite places to visit is Mazatl├ín, Mexico.”The highlight was the cliff divers,” she said. “That’s really neat. If you go, you should check them out. You really think somebody’s going to die, but they don’t. It was beautiful. The water was beautiful, too. That was the first time I had ever been to the beach. I was going on to a fishing lodge and you have to travel to Mazatl├ín to get to the fishing lodge, so I stayed there a few days before I went to fish.”Northeastern State University students have less than a month before they’ll be off on summer break. Many will stay behind and work throughout the summer, or take summer courses on campus. However, a few months off between semesters offers some students a chance to take it easy and not think about classes for a while.NSU student Daniel Valcarcel said he, too, is …



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