Watch: Divers Raise Branson Duck Boat After Tragedy

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BRANSON NEWS: BRANSON, MO — Divers with the United States Coast Guard are attempting to recover a duck boat that sank on Table Rock Lake near Branson, Missouri, last week, killing 17 people, including four children and two teenagers. Authorities say the boat sank in about 80 feet of water. Divers will connect the boat to a crane that will lift it it to the surface. Officials said yesterday they had recovered a “black box” video recording device from the boat. They hope it will shed some light on exactly what went wrong and why so many people were unable to escape the sinking craft. “We think [the video] will show any instructions [the captain] might have given to the passengers,” said National Transportation Safety Board spokesman Earl Weener. Authorities called off the search for survivors Friday morning after recovering the last of the the victims. USA Today reports that nine members of the same Indianapolis family were among them. “I lost all of my children. I lost my husband. I lost my mother-in-law and my father-in-law. I lost my uncle. I lost my sister-in-law… And I lost my nephew,” survivor Tia Coleman of Indianapolis told the local Fox station. “I’m okay, but this is really hard.” (Update: Before Branson Tragedy, Duck Boats Had History Of Fatal Accidents) A GoFundMe campaign for the Coleman family has already raised almost half of its $1 million goal. Over the weekend, authorities released the names of all 17 people killed: William Asher, 69, from MissouriRosemarie Hamann, 68, from MissouriJanice Bright, 63, from MissouriWilliam Bright, 65, from MissouriAngela Coleman, 45, from IndianaArya Coleman, 1, from IndianaBelinda Coleman, 69, from IndianaErvin Coleman, 76, from IndianaEvan Coleman, 7, from IndianaGlenn Coleman, 40, from IndianaHorace Coleman, 70, from IndianaMaxwell Coleman, 2, from IndianaReece Coleman, 9, from IndianaLeslie Dennison, 64, from IllinoisBob Williams, 73, from MissouriLance Smith, 15, from ArkansasSteve Smith, 15, from Arkansas(To get neighborhood coverage first, subscribe to your …


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