WWII planes land at the Branson Airport for Airpower History Tour

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BRANSON MO NEWS: History is taking flight this week as World War II planes land at the Branson Airport for the Airpower History Tour. 

The B-29 Superfortress, named “FiFi,” is one of the stars of the tour. It’s one of only two remaining airworthy B-29’s in the world. Aircraft Commander Allen Benzing says aircrafts have changed since the Great War.
“The controls are what we could call fly by wire. It is completely manual. You are using your arms and strength to fly the aircraft,” Benzing said.
However, these planes and the men who flew in them changed the world. 
“We do think about those missions and the types of things they did,” Benzing said.
The B-29 is one of several planes that are helping to bring history alive at the event.
“This week, the Branson Airport is hosting the Commemorative Air Force’s Airpower History Tour. It’s a patriotic festival of World War Two aircraft,” Branson Airport Deputy Director of Marketing Ty Lewis said.
People can tour planes a variety of planes, from the big bomber to the smaller Stearman.

“[The Stearman] was built in the early 40’s and used for training World War II pilots,” Commemorative Air Force Stearman Captain Col. Jerry Morelock said.
Event attendees can even take off in one of the vintage aircrafts.
“I like seeing the smiles on people’s faces who are flying for the first time,”Morelock said.
Pilots say one of the best parts about this flying museum is seeing veterans who once flew these planes.
“[One Veteran] sat down in our B-24 and he said ‘I’m home.’ We are aware of the people and the missions and all, but it isn’t until a vet comes out and sits down in it that the goosesbumpson my arm come up,” Benzing said.
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